Contribute to the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences

Gifts like yours help the department in many ways such as funding departmental seminars by outstanding scientists, assisting graduate and undergraduate research and helping new faculty establish their research programs. In addition to contributions ear-marked for a specific purpose, general support helps make it possible for us to continue activities that enrich our educational and research programs.

The the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciencess promotes interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems in the earth sciences and geography. Our faculty are internationally recognized for research in numerous disciplines in both geology and geography.

We believe that innovative and effective instruction goes hand in hand with basic research. The Department is continually seeking to acquire the most advanced instrumentation for its laboratory courses so that students will receive the best possible training. We currently have fifteen active labs, of which three have been added within the last five years. The laboratory course offerings to major and non-majors are viewed by students as important training for independent research projects, preparation for graduate school and for jobs in the Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences. We are particularly proud of the students who conduct research in faculty laboratories. Their contributions are evident from the many publications that have resulted from research conducted in part by both graduate students and undergraduates.

You may also wish to directly fund department scholarships, student research, or student travel grants. Please contact the Department Head, Dr. Stephen Burns for details.

How to Donate to the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences

Visit the University of Massachusetts online donations web site, which will bring you to the the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences contributions page, and fill in the form.

Please note that if you want to contribute to a specific department fund, you will have to click on the "Click here for more options!" link, and scroll about 2/3rds of the way down the list to the the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences and click on the drop-down menu.