Student Projects

Here is a list of student projects supported by alumni giving. Without your help, none of this great research would have happened.

Microprobe and LA-ICP-MS Analysis of samples from the Atascosa Lookout Lava Flow by Christine Burrill

An Investigation of Characteristics of the Magma Chamber Represented by the Cape Ann Plutonic Suite by Aaron Beltzer

Dawn of the Age of the Dinosaurs by John Bergamo

Microprobe Analysis of Precambrian Volcanics North of Boston Massachusetts by Christine Burrill

American Beekeeping Federation annual conference by Devin Clark

International Summer School in Glaciology in McCarthy, AK by Benjamin Keisling

Paleoseismic Trenching along the Southern San Andreas Fault Zone by Alex Hatem

Investigating the episodic growth of accretionary systems through work minimization, analog experiments and numerical models by Jessica McBeck (figures)

Validating the MBT/CBT paleotemperature proxy in a lacustrine setting and extending the record of temperature variability in the Northeast USA by M. Helen Habicht, Benjamin Keisling, and Daniel Miller

Timing and significance of deformation within the Shelving Rock Quadrangle, eastern Adirondack Highlands, southern Grenville Province by Claire Pless (photos)

Dating tsunami deposits by Nina Schulze

Measuring shallow water optical parameters in Saginaw Bay, MI by Jiwei Li (figure)

The structural influence of Proterozoic tectonics on Eocene orogenesis; a case study of the Snowy shear zone in southwestern Montana by Jeffrey Webber

Water Isotope Sampling in the Deerfield River Watershed by Brian Yellen