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BluellLight filtering through a white iceberg floating in a bay on a sunny day

International Climate and Cryosphere Office coming to UMass Amherst

Professors Rob DeConto and Ray Bradley will co-chair the organization for the next 5 years to coordinate outreach on impacts of how climate change is affecting glacial ice and snow cover

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Is hydropower a panacea?

Dr. Eve Vogel's research investigates the human-environmental dynamics and histories of rivers. She focuses in particular on river governance institutions and policy and their interaction with wide ecological and social processes and needs. Dr. Vogel's most recent research applies this lens on the Connecticut River watershed and hydropower in the Northeastern U.S.  She  is guest editor of the recently published Québec Hydropower for a Green Massachusetts? Connections, contradictions and contests of electricity, a special issue of the journal The Northeastern Geographer.

Picture of Dr. Vogel on a boat in front of ocean-mounted wind turbines

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