Alumni and Memorial Funds for Student Research

We are proud to be able to give some means of financial support to our students to support their research.  These funds are supported by the initial endowment for each fund and often supplemented over the years by the generous support of our alumni. What might be seen as ‘only' names by those of us unfamiliar with the individuals behind them are much more than that.
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Leo M. Hall Memorial Fund - Leo Hall was Professor of Geology in this Department from 1967 until his death on December 26, 1985.  Among many other qualities, Leo was noted for his devotion to field study and to the teaching of field methods.  This award in his name is given to undergraduate or graduate students in support of field research.

The Joseph Hartshorn Memorial Award is given in memory of Joseph (Joe) Hartshorn, long-time Quaternary Geologist and Glacial Geologist in the department. The 2009 award is a one-time, special award given by Joe’s long-time partner Pat Cohen in Joe’s memory.  Joe retired from the department in 1987 and passed away in 2008. He served as Department Head for many years and was twice awarded the University Distinguished Teaching Award. Joe is widely known for his research on the Quaternary and glacial history of North America and for his inspired and enthusiastic teaching. The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarship support to one or more geoscience graduate students. Priority will be given to students studying Quaternary Geology, surficial processes, glacial geology, or related fields.

Andrew D. Wise Memorial Endowment Fund.   Andrew D. Wise was an undergraduate geology major in the department. He played the trumpet and was an avid skier and cyclist. After graduating, he worked as a hydogeologist with Weston & Sampson in Peabody, MA. In 1998, he traveled through the country for six months on a motorcycle, visiting many of the National Parks, and finally settling in San Diego, California where he was employed by Gradlent Engineers. In June of 2007, Richard and Geraldine Wise established the Andrew D. Wise Memorial Endowment Fund in memory of Andrew. The purpose of the Fund is to provide support to students in the Geology Program for expenses, programs, and experiences for which other support is not available.  

Elinor Fierman Memorial Fund - Established in 1983 by a matching gift from Jack Fitzpatrick (BS '76, MS '78).  Elinor Fierman graduated in the class of '76 and went on to Duke University.  In the spring of 1977, she was killed by a car while studying roadside geology.  This award in her name is given to a student researcher (undergraduate or graduate) with preference given to laboratory studies.

Geography Alumni Award Fund - Established in 1995 from gifts given by Geography alumni, the award is given either to support Geography undergraduate or graduate student research or to any student in the Geography program for other worthy purposes.

Gloria Radke Memorial Fund - Established in 1984 from gifts given by family and friends for the purpose of establishing this award.  Gloria Radke was a graduate student interested in Pleistocene geology.  At the end of her first year here, she was killed by a drunk driver on the S-curve by Atkins Farm Stand in South Amherst.  This award in her name is given to undergraduate or graduate students in support of field research.

H.T.U. Smith Memorial Fund - H.T.U. Smith was Head of the Department from 1956-1969.  This award in his name is given to support field work with preference to undergraduate or graduate students (including enrollment in a field course).

Garrett G. Hollands Memorial Scholarship -- In upholding Garry’s values, this scholarship will ensure the recognition of an outstanding undergraduate rising senior, with preference given to students with an environmental focus, who demonstrate exceptional interest in environmental geosciences as evidenced by extra-curricular activities, and who have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students with financial need as determined by the university’s Financial Aid Office, and those with a record of military service will also have preference. Best of all, this award will honor Mr. Hollands’ ‘75MS and his 40-year career in environmental consulting.

Lee Allison Memorial Award –The purpose of the fund is to recognize an outstanding graduate student with a minimum GPA of 3.5, strong research skills and demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership in the College of Natural Sciences, greater UMass Amherst campus or outside the university.  Examples of entrepreneurial leadership may include, but are not limited to, developing novel approaches to K-12 geoscience education, volunteering for science organizations and youth groups to promote enthusiasm for science, developing new software to streamline data processing for a specific geoscience discipline or participating in workshops, conferences or state and congressional committees to promote integration of science with public policy. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to science literacy and how it is used for the public good in their graduate research and outreach.
Sheila J. Seaman Student Research Fund was established in memory of Sheila Seaman, professor of geology in the department. Sheila was a beloved teacher and researcher at UMass for 26 years. She was a volcanologist who studied active and extinct volcanoes in Iceland, Maine, Arizona, New Mexico, and Canada. She was an avid runner, gardener, protector of land, plants, and animals. She passed away in 2019 after a long heroic battle with cancer. This fund provides support for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Department of Geosciences to conduct research both in the field and in the laboratory. Preference will be given to students conducting research in minerology or petrology.