Geosciences Publication Series

The department, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Geological Survey (MGS), hosts the Geosciences Contribution Series, a group of separate bulletins made available to the public - some free, some at modest cost as a way of disseminating geologic and geographic knowledge of the State and region.The MGS is in the process of digitizing the publications, and those completed have clickable links.

Many of the contributions are reprints of M. S. and Ph. D. theses used to present more complete information and maps that would be beyond the scope of national journals. Furthermore these have commonly been an effective way to bring out the work of M.S. students subsequently employed full time in geologic industry, who have not had the opportunity to prepare publications for refereed journals. Other numbers are topical summaries or progress reports by faculty. Still others are related to one-time special opportunities, for example, guidebooks for field trips in 1967 (not numbered), 1969 (No. 1), 1978 (No 32), 1983 (No. 46), 1986 (No. 59), 1988 (No. 63-88), 1989 (No 63-89), 1992 (Nos. 66-1 66-2) and 1993 (Nos. 67-1, 67-2). As expected, many of these popular works are out of print, but many are still available. In addition to the numbered contributions, there are a few miscellaneous items listed which were published before the numbered series was established, were published elsewhere, or are individual maps.

To order the undigitized publications, please contact the Geosciences Main Office. There will be a $2 shipping and handling fee added to all orders.Payment is by check only, and checks should be made out to: Univ of Mass Geoscience Publications #120313.

Alternatively, you may contact us by normal postal mail or phone/fax at:

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