Isaac Larsen

Assistant Professor
landscape evolution
cosmogenic nuclides
238 Morrill Science Center
(413) 545-0538
PhD 2013 University of Washington
Research Interests: 

 I combine field, geochemical, GIS, and modeling tools to quantify rates of Earth surface change and understand how landscapes evolve. I run a cosmogenic nuclide geochemistry lab for extracting 10-Be and 26-Al for exposure dating and denudation rate measurements. Current projects involve understanding landscape response to a broad range of factors, including: mega-floods, active tectonics, agriculture, and climate.

I am recruiting a PhD student to start in fall 2020, with fieldwork in August 2020 in the Colorado Rockies. The overall goal of the project is to quantify the relative roles of abiotic and biotic factors in driving chemical and physical weathering rates in soils. There are more details on my webpage, and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in applying to UMass.

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