Haiying Gao

Assistant Professor
250 Morrill Science Center
(413) 577-1250
PhD 2011 University of Oregon
Research Interests: 

The Pacific Northwest of the United States has been tectonically and magmatically active with the accretion of the Farallon oceanic terrane “Siletzia” ~50 Ma. The accretion of Siletzia terminated the flat-slab subduction of the Farallon slab and initiated the Cascadia subduction zone. With a doctoral degree in Geophysics, my dissertation focused on two projects: one was to address the tectonic and magmatic processes in the Pacific Northwest using multiple seismological methods, and another one was to understand the physical mechanisms of slow slip events at the Cascadia subduction zone with geodetic data. One of my goals is to understand the subduction dynamics by constructing a high-resolution velocity model of the Cascades with full-wave tomography. In a broad sense, my research interests in geophysics, geodynamics and geodesy are to understand the dynamics of subduction zones, and to improve and develop advanced geophysical methods. Specifically, I would like to conduct multi-disciplinary researches with my expertise in both geodesy and seismology to: (1) further understand the tectonic, dynamic and magmatic processes in the Pacific Northwest; (2) address how melt generates and migrates at various subduction zones worldwide; (3) study the physical mechanisms of non-volcanic tremor and aseismic slip, as well as their relationship with regular earthquakes; (4) develop geophysical methods of how to fully extract, efficiently utilize and reliably interpret seismic information; and (5) accurately predict the amplitude of strong ground motion of large earthquakes and provide instantaneous warning of potential hazards to the society. I am looking for students with interests in seismology, geophysics and tectonics. Interested students should contact me directly by email.

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