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The department is offering several courses this summer through UMass University Without Walls. All courses will be taught remote, and can be taken by students and professionals.  Check out the courses below:


Courses in Geography


Diversity, Globalization, and Sustainability: Introduction to Human Geography Summer 2021 | GEOGRAPH 102

A wide-ranging introduction to the ways people shape the world they live in. We will study the themes and concepts of human geography through the current issues and large questions which guide them. Lectures and reading will focus on the geographic aspects of cultural diversity, population issues, states vs. nations, the global economy, development, urbanization and the human transformation of the earth. We will cover major subdivisions of human geography including cultural geography, population geography, economic geography, social geography, urban geography and political geography. (Gen.Ed. SB, DG)

Instructor Time Meets .Credits Term
Theodore White On-line May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 4 Summer 21
Session 1

Global Environment Change Spring 2021 | GEOGRAPH 110

The natural relationships between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere; human impact on the natural environment. Global environmental issues: global warming, sea-level rise, and ozone depletion in the stratosphere. Global changes of the past also studied to give perspective to forecasted changes. Includes writing exercises. (Gen.Ed. PS)

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
Kinuyo Kanamaru On-line May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 4 Summer 21
Session 1

Geography of US and Canada Spring 2021 | GEOGRAPH 200

This course provides a survey of the geography of US and Canada, starting with core integrative themes and methods of analysis, and then moving into a region-by-region overview. Special emphasis will be on historical development, environmental change and sustainability, and the diversity of peoples and cultures and their relationships with landscapes and each other. Short of literally traveling the continent, the class aims to immerse you in the images, sounds, data, and experiences of places, regions, and people’s lives, so they come to life. Every week you will have at least one movie and/or Google Earth exercise that virtually transports you to a new location of study. You’ll take different perspectives, try out new skills, dive into data, and think critically. Most weeks you will write reflectively about a movie, Google Earth exercise, and/or experience. (Gen. Ed. SB, DU)

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
James Carney On-line……….. Jul 6, 2021 – Aug 13, 2021 4 …………. Summer 21 Session 2

World Regional Geography Summer 2021 | GEOGRAPH 220

Survey of world physical and human geography, highlighting regional diversity and variation in globalization processes and outcomes. Introduces geographical theories, concepts, and methods while exploring nine major world regions. (GenEd SB, DG)

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
Kathleen Corr On-line May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 4 Summer 21
Session 1

Seminar- Geographies of Climate Justice Summer 2021 | Geography 393C

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the planet, and it is intimately connected to uneven and inequitable social, political, economic and environmental geographies. In this course we explore climate justice in relation to climate science including greenhouse gas emissions and ongoing and likely future impacts; differential experiences and narratives of climate change; the ways that climate solutions may reinforce or improve social and economic difference and marginalization; more-than-human geographies of climate change; and possibilities for democratic and just responses. Students will leave this course with a broader understanding of the necessity and practice of climate justice.

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
Shaina Sadai On-line Jul 6, 2021 – Aug 13, 2021 3 Summer 21
Session 2

Seminar- Diverse Community Economies Summer 2021 | GEOGRAPH 393D

This course considers different ways of thinking about economic activity that can help us address the global economic, environmental, and equity crises we are facing. We will broaden our concept of the economy to include new visions of economic development, and look at economic experiments from a hopeful and experimental perspective as we seek a more sustainable and socially just approach toward economic activity.

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
Leo Hwang CPE Class with Moodle May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 3…………….. Summer 21
Session 1

Special Topics- Introduction to GIS Summer 2021 | GEOGRAPH 593G


Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
9:45 – 11:00 am
Fully Remote Class
May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 4……………… Summer 21
Session 1
Michael Nelson On-Line Jul 6, 2021 – Aug 13, 2021 4 Summer 21
Session 2

SeminarGIS Programming Summer 2021 | GEOGRAPH 691P

This course will explore programming methods and applications in geographic information science. Basic automation methods of repetitive or complex tasks using Model Builder and Python scripting will be explored through the lens of spatial thinking and computational thinking. Fundamentals of Python will also be explored for use inside and outside of the GIS environment.

Instructor Time Meets Credits Term
9:45 – 11:00 am
Fully Remote Class
May 17, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021 3……………. Summer 21
Session 1


Courses in Geology


Intro to Oceanography Summer 2021 | GEOLOGY 103

The natural processes of the ocean, including earthquakes and volcanoes, the hydrologic cycle and weather, ocean circulation and the global energy balance, the carbon cycle and productivity, biodi-versity and marine food webs, coastal dynamics. Also, global warming, sea-level rise, environmental degradation and the ocean system response to human activity and global change. Interactive class sessions, with considerable participation by students in problem solving, discussions, and demonstrations. Exams and grades based on teamwork as well as on individual performance. Students needing or wanting a laboratory component may register for GEO-SCI 131. (Gen.Ed. PS)

Section Instructors Meetings Credits Status  
02 4 Open  
01 4 Open  



Courses in Geosciences


Investigations in Meteorology Summer 2021 | GEO-SCI 590M

An in-depth investigation of some of the main topics in meteorology: energy balance, circulation of air & water in the atmosphere, air masses, fronts, mid-latitude cyclones, thunderstorms, analysis of weather maps & images, and weather prediction. Course will focus on the use of inquiry methods in developing the material and will include online class discussions. The following areas of the MA Science & Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework will be addressed: Earth & Space Science and Physical Sciences. Prerequisites: must be currently teaching science at K-12 level or enrolled in a teacher preparation program; Must have taken a science course or have permission of the instructor.

Section Instructors Meetings Credits Status  
May 17, 2021 - Jul 29, 2021
3 Open  


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