Recent Geoscience Graduate Employment Trends, December 2020

Chart showing employment trends for 2020 Geoscience graduates described in article.

The American Geosciences Institute just published their report of Geoscience graduate employment trends as of December 2020: "91% of geoscience graduates who earned their degree between 2014-2018 were employed, while 75% of graduates from 2019 and 80% of graduates from 2020 reported the same. For geoscience graduates who earned their degree in 2020, 31% of bachelor’s, 50% of master’s, and 91% of doctorates had secured employment by December 2020.  Geoscience graduates who earned their degrees between 2014 and 2018 had the most stable employment situation of all recent geoscience graduate cohorts, with at least 90% of graduates employed throughout the year. Employment of recent graduates who earned their degrees in 2019 fluctuated between 69% and 87% in 2020, with peaks in unemployment in June and September. The majority of those who earned their geoscience degrees in 2020 secured employment by November."  Read more at

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