ArcGIS Software & License Request Form

Please fill out this form prior to downloading software. This helps us expand and improve our service to the campus GIS community and is only used for that purpose. Personal information here is not shared.

You will be sent an e-mail with a Google Drive link which requires a U-Mass IT account ( to log in: please log out of any other Google accounts or switch to your U-Mass Amherst Google account before accessing the folder.  Requests for access from e-mails other than will not be honored. Software, optional add-ons, and license files will be arranged by folder. For ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap), be sure to also download the license file with the *.pvrc extension— you will need it in order to use the software.

The latest versions of each app and optional add-ons are in each folder. Older versions of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) are also located in ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) Older Versions... Folder.

If you need to download Business Analyst Data in addition to the data license files in the Google Drive Above, please e-mail and he can send you an individual download link (the files are several GB in size).

Backwards Compatibility:

We always recommend using the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) or ArcGIS Pro, however, map documents may not be backwards-compatible with earlier versions in labs and classrooms: when saving your project, use relative pathnames and be sure to choose File > Save a Copy and choose an older version if you plan on working on the same project on another computer.

Please contact with all questions.



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