ArcGIS Pro Sign-In Instructions

ArcGIS Pro does not need a license file, but uses your U-Mass ArcGIS Online organizational account to log in.  

Note: We decomission licenses if you have not logged into ArcGIS Pro for at least a year in order to keep licenses available for new users.  If ArcGIS Pro tells you that you are not authorized for a license, please contact and we'll get you set up quick.

To set up your account and use ArcGIS Pro:

  1. Before starting ArcGIS Pro, Log into U-Mass Amherst's ArcGIS Online organization at in order to create an account.  You will need this account to log in to ArcGIS Pro, and can use it to publish maps on the web, host data, and access ESRI's eTraining.
  2. When starting ArcGIS Pro, select Sign in with Enterprise Login
  3. Type in umass-amherst into the URL box on the next screen and check Remember this Link. Click on Continue.
  4. Select U-Mass Amherst when prompted to Sign in.
  5. This should take you to the familiar U-Mass account login, and you should be all set to start using ArcGIS Pro.

Please be in touch with with all questions and issues.

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