Undergraduates present research at 5 college geology symposium

Photograph of Eight U-Mass undergraduates at 5 college geology symposium, standing in front of dimly lit hallway.

Eight UMass Geosciences undergraduates presented their research at the 5 College Geology Symposium at Amherst College on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018:

  • Devan Dunajski (with Dr. Isaac Larsen, Evan Thaler, and Todd Knobbe): Influence of agriculture on carbon concentrations and carbon-13 abundance in the American Midwest
  • Christ Romero (with with Kaitlyn Suarez, and Dr. Sheila Seaman): Zircon morphology and the origin of the 2.6 Ga Fehr granite, Athabasca Granulite Terrane, northern Saskatchewan
  • Colton Herman (with Dr. Sheila Seaman): Implications of water concentrations in nominally anydrous minerals in the Berry-Havey and Mount Apatite pegmatites, Oxford County, Maine
  • Joshua Ostrow (with Kaitlyn Suarez, and Dr. Sheila Seaman): Evidence from zircon crystal morphology of a complex history for the middle Tertiary Lookout lava flow, Southern Arizona
  • Will Kopaciewicz (with Dr. Brian Yellen): Investigating sediment loading into America's largest municipal water system
  • Reed Hopkins (with David Snoeyenbos): Radiation halos in kyanite and actinide-rich composite inclusions
  • James Albanese (with Adriene Lam and Dr. Mark Leckie): The development of Neogene planktic foraminiferal latitudinal diversity gradients and species richness in the Tasman Sea
  • Patrick Scordato (with Dr. Isaac Larsen and Evan Thaler): Soil organic carbon acccumulation in northeast Kansas restored prairies

Congratulations on presenting great research!