Dr. Julie BG helps launch 50x30 coalition in response to climate tipping points

 A satellite image shows the long flow lines as a glacier moves ice into Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, on the right. The red patches mark bedrock. USGS

Professor Julie Brigham-Grette is playing a key role in the founding of the 50x30 Coalition: an alliance between cryosphere and emissions research institutions and governments that have accepted the scientific necessity to reduce emissions 50% by 2030. Read more about Professor Brigham-Grette's and U-Mass Amherst's involvement here.

Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette and her colleague Andrea Dutton also recently published a piece in The Conversation about the urgency of cutting carbon emissions, partly based on new research by Rob DeConto and Shaina Sadai on upcoming climate tipping points which will trigger catastrophic melting of the Antarctic ice sheet. Read the piece here.