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  Tel:  802-649-1829 or 413-545-0659
  Fax:  413-545-1200 (or 802-649-1829 with phone call first)

 The following pages provide details of my on-going and past research:
Quelccaya Ice Cap Climate Blog and Overview of Paleoclimate Research
Avian nesting on Quelccaya Ice Cap
Weather, Climate and Glaciers on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Land-Atmosphere-Ice and Snow Interactions in the High Arctic:  the Hazen Plateau, Ellesmere Island
Climate and Snow Research in the Andes of Bolivia
Paleoclimatic Reconstruction from High Resolution Arctic Lake Sediments
Taconite Inlet Lakes Project


Climate System Research Center | Department of Geosciences | University of Massachusetts

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Last updated: 21 February 2011

   (Background = kinetic growth snow crystals photographed near Lake C2, Ellesmere Island)