Paleoclimatic Reconstruction
High Resolution Arctic Lake Sediments

      Through a program of field and laboratory-based research, we are working to extend our understanding of arctic paleoclimate over the last few millennia. The focus of this work is on the analysis of varved sediments from lakes in the Canadian High Arctic, and the watershed processes controlling sediment availability, transport, and deposition. Our objective is to produce several high resolution (annually resolved), well calibrated records along a transect from ~83°N to ~76°N, through central and southern Ellesmere Island. This project continues our previous efforts on northern Ellesmere Island (Lake C2), central Ellesmere Island (Lake Tuborg), and Cornwallis Island (Lake Sophia).

Additional Information
varved lake sediments Background on paleoclimatic reconstruction using varved sediments
Sediment Dating Techniques being applied to this project
Project Investigators
Sawtooth Range field site & 1998 field season report
Sawtooth Lake 1999 field season report
Field investigations: Hydrology and Sediment Transfer
AWS Sawtooth Lake Sawtooth Range Automated Weather Station
Previous work: Taconite Inlet Lakes Project
AWS Lake Sophia Previous work: Sophia Lake
AWS Lake Tuborg Previous work: Lake Tuborg

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Last updated: 09 January 2001