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Ph.D. Univeristy of Wyoming, 1995 Vita (pdf)
M.S. University of Montana, 1986 Teaching Philosophy (pdf) or (html)
A.B. Dartmouth College, 1979 Research Interests

Selected Publications

Clement, W. P., and A. Ward, GPR surveys across a prototype surface barrier to determine temporal and spatial variations in soil moisture content, Chapter 23, The Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics, CRC Press, B. J. Allred, M. R. Ehsani, and J. J. Daniels (eds.), CRC Press, 305 - 315, 2008.

Clement, W. P., and C. J. Murray, GPR data acquired to image clastic dikes at the Hanford Site, Hanford, Washington, in Baker, G. S., and H. M. Jol, eds., Stratigraphic Analyses using GPR, Geol. Soc. Am. Special Paper 432, 169-181, doi:10.1130/2007.2432(12), 2007.

Wilkins, D. E., and W. P. Clement, Palaeolake Shoreline Sequencing using Ground-Penetrating Radar: Lake Alvord, Oregon and Nevada, in Baker, G. S., and H. M. Jol, eds., Stratigraphic Analyses using GPR, Geol. Soc. Am. Special Paper 432, 103-110, doi:10.1130/2007.2432(08), 2007.

Johnson, T. C., P. S. Routh, T. Clemo, W. Barrash, and W. P. Clement, Incorporating geostatistical constraints in nonlinear inversion problems, Water Resources Research, 43, W10422, doi:10.1029/2006WR005185, 2007.

Clement, W. P., Issues During the Inversion of Crosshole Radar Data: Can we have confidence in the outcome?, Journal of Engineering & Environmental Geophysics, 11, 269-287, 2006.

Clement, W. P., and W. Barrash, Crosshole Radar Tomography in a Fluvial Aquifer near Boise, Idaho, Journal of Engineering & Environmental Geophysics, 11, 171-184, 2006.

Clement, W. P., and M. D. Knoll, Traveltime inversion of vertical radar profiles, Geophysics, 71, K67-K76, 2006.

Clement, W. P., W. Barrash, and M. D. Knoll, Reflectivity modeling of ground penetrating radar, Geophysics, 71, K59-K66, 2006.

Bradford, J. H., L. M. Liberty, M. W. Lyle, W. P. Clement, and S. Hess, Imaging complex structure in shallow seismic-reflection data using prestack depth migration, Geophysics, 71, B175-B181, 2006.

Moret, G. J. M., M. D. Knoll, W. Barrash, and W. P. Clement, Investigating the stratigraphy of an alluvial aquifer using crosswell seismic traveltime tomography, Geophysics, 71, B63-B73, 2006.

Moret, G. J. M., W. P. Clement, M. D. Knoll, and W. Barrash, VSP traveltime inversion: Near-surface issues, Geophysics, 69, 345-351, 2004.

Endres, A. L., W. P. Clement, and D. L. Rudolph, Ground penetrating radar imaging of an aquifer during a pumping test, Ground Water, 38, 566-577, 2000.

Cardimona, S., W. P. Clement, and K. Kadinsky-Cade, Seismic reflection and ground penetrating radar imaging of a shallow aquifer, Geophysics, 63, 1310-1317, 1998.

Clement, W. P., S. J. Cardimona, A. L. Endres, and K. Kadinsky-Cade, Site characterization at the Groundwater Remediation Field Laboratory, Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware, The Leading Edge, 16, 1617-1621, 1997.

Carbonell, R., M. A. Speece, W. P. Clement, and S. B. Smithson, Anisotropy measurements and the deep structure of a passive continental margin: southwestern Greenland, in Rifted Ocean-Continent Boundaries, Banda, E., M. Torné, and M. Talwani (eds.), NATO ASI Series C: Mathematics and Physical Sciences, 463, 121-146, 1995.

Clement, W. P., R. Carbonell, and S. B. Smithson, Shear-wave splitting in the lower crust beneath the Archean crust of southwest Greenland, Tectonophysics, 232, 195-210, 1994.

Carbonell, R., W. P. Clement, and S. B. Smithson, Joint P- and S-wave velocity determination from reflected PP, SS and converted PS/SP phases from large aperture seismic reflection measurements, Tectonophysics, 232, 379-389, 1994.

Rey, P. F., D. M. Fountain, and W. P. Clement, P wave velocity across a noncoaxial ductile shear zone and its associated strain gradient: Consequences for upper crustal reflectivity, Journal of Geophysical Research, 99, 4533-4548, 1994.

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