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This is a late summer photograph of Lake C2 looking southwest from Echo Peak. The lake surface is of multiyear ice as Lake C2 retains its' ice cover as much as a meter thick throughout the summer. During the summer melt season a moat develops between the shoreline and the ice pack. The moat forms a wide tongue at the main inlet stream where runoff enters the lake. Research on suspended sediment transport and deposition in the lake (detailed below) was carried out on the lake surface throughout the summer season.


During each field season, considerable effort was devoted to measuring the spatial and temporal changes of the sediment plume in Lake C2, as well as to assess contemporary sediment deposition. The results of this work are primarily detailed in several Publications.

Detailed documentation of field and lab methods, graphs, and the data are available from this index page for suspended sediment transport and deposition in Lake C2.

Additional documentation for the Suspended Sediment Transport and Deposition in Lake C2

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