Lynn Margulis Symposium

Celebrating a Life in Science

“We might even say that it was Lynn Margulis, not Charles Darwin, who actually explained the mechanics of the origin of species.”  clich here to read Margulis In Memoriam.pdfMemorials_files/Margulis%20In%20Memoriam.pdfMemorials_files/Margulis%20In%20Memoriam.pdfMemorials_files/Margulis%20In%20Memoriam_1.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

Presenters and attendees at the Lynn Margulis Symposium held on March 23-24, 2012 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.                                              photo: Mark Leckie. Geosciences

Video of the presenters at the Saturday session of the  Lynn Margulis Symposium can be found on YouTube.  Click the links below.

Dr. Ricardo Guerrero
Dr. Peter Westbroek
Dr. James Walker
Teacher Emily Case
Dr. Antonio Lazcano,
Dr. Michael Chapman

Lynn Margulis science versus

Richard Dawkins neo-religion

Dr. Douglas Zook
Dr. James Strick
Dr. Jelle Atema - music
Dr. Martin Brasier
Dr. John Rummel
Dr. Penelope “Penny” Boston
Dr. Lynn Rothschild
Dr. Bruce “Bruno” Clarke

Video of the presenters at theSaturday session of the  Lynn Margulis Symposium can be found on YouTube.

Dr. David Schwartzman and Dr. Andrew Wier
Dr. David Lenson and James MacAlliser
Dr. Tyler Volk and Dr.Lorraine Olendzenski
Dr. Sam Bowser and Dr. Jessica Whiteside
Dr. James Shapiro and Dr. Sankar Chatterjee

Updated 01/20/2014

Dr. Laurie Lassiter and Dr. Richard Wilkie
Sean Faulkner and Kendra Clark
Dr. Marie-Odile Gobillard-Soyer
1. Drs. Stolz, Grinspoon, Hird, Dyer


2. Drs. Bermudes & Falkowski, Ruth        Owen-Jones & Elsa Dorfman
3. Dr. Stone & Lois Brynes & Dr. Kameshwar Wali
Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson
Michael Kelley, Dr. Bruce Scofield, Andre Kahlil, Betsey Palmer Eldridge, Dianne Bilyak and Cordelia Sand