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Movies of Ice Deformation: Flow in Polycrystalline Ice

Physical Geography

Doublexposure- Photographing climate change

Extreme Ice Survey - Great Videos!!

Glacial Goo

Dynamics of Svalbard Glaciers

Glaciers Online

The Cryosphere Today

Big Ice Sheet Studies

Integrating 3-D Facies Analysis of Glacial Aquifer Systems with Groundwater Flow Models... Byron Stone et al

A Depositional Model for Outwash, Sediment Sources and hydrologic Characteristics... Gustavson et al.

Fits and Starts: What Regulates the Flow of Huge Ice Streams?

Glacigenic Clastic Fabrics: Genetic fingerprint or wishful thinking? Bennett et al. 1998

Rogen Moraines: an example of glacial reshaping or pre-existing landforms. Möller 2006.

Surficial Geologic Map of Clinton-Concord-Grafton-Medfield 12-quadrangle area in East Central Massachusetts. Janet & Byron Stone. 2006.

Surficial Geologic Map of the Worcester North-Oxford-Wrentham-Attleboro Nine-Quadrangle Area in South Central Massachusetts. Stone et al. 2008.

Quaternary Geologic Map of Connecticut and Long Island Sound Basin. Stone et al. 1998.

GSA TODAY: A Shift from Lithostratigraphic to Allostratigraphic Classification of Quaternary Glacial Deposits. Räsänen et al. 2009.

North American Stratigraphic Code

Usage of Stratigraphic Terminology in Papers, Illustrations, and Talks.

North American Glacial Varve Project

Climate change past and future


Journal of glaciology

Glacier modeling at Edinburgh

Ohio State Ice core projects

National Ice core Laboratory

NOAA NGDC -- paleoclimate