Michael Williams

structural geology
metamorphic petrology
156 Morrill Science Center
(413) 545-0745
1987 University of New Mexico
Research Interests: 

 Mike Williams earned a B.A. in geology from Amherst College, an M.S. from the University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico. He has been a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts since 1987. Mike's research is focused at the crossroads of ductile structural geology, metamorphic petrology, igneous petrology,geochronology, and tectonics. Much of his research has involved Precambrian rocks (southwestern U.S.A, northern Canada, Adirondack Mtns) but he has been increasingly involved with rocks of western New England. Mike is particularly interested in finding better ways to "read" the P-T-t-D (i.e. Pressure-Temperature-time-Deformation) paths from deformed and metamorphosed rocks, and interpreting the paths in terms of the tectonic history that produced them. He loves field work but also loves working with the electron microprobe and computer models.