John Hubert

Professor Emeritus
sedimentary petrology
254C Morrill Science Center
(413) 253-5342
Research Interests: 

After taking his B.A. degree at Harvard, John Hubert received his M.S. at the University of Colorado and Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to the University of Massachusetts in 1970, Hubert taught at the University of Missouri at Columbia for 12 years, progressing from Assistant Professor to Professor. Over the years, Hubert has published papers individually and with students on the paleoenvironments and petrology of sands and sandstones deposited in flysch basins, deltas, rivers, lakes, eolian dunes, alluvial fans, on shorelines, and in the deep ocean. He is now concentrating on the sequences and sedimentary petrology of terrestrial rocks and their modern analogs. His current research focuses on the fluvial, playa, and alluvial-fan redbeds and lacustrine gray strata of Triassic-Jurassic age in the Deerfield, Fundy, Hartford, and Newark rift basins of the eastern United States and Nova Scotia. Another current project is the paleogeography and paleoclimatology of the dinosaur-rich Morrison Formation of Jurassic age, Colorado-Utah. These studies emphasize sedimentary structures and sequences, petrology of the light and heavy minerals, diagenesis, and regional paleogeography.

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