Geomechanics lab publishes two new papers in Geosphere

Frame from animation of sandbox experiments showing highlighted blue and green linear bands of pixels that denote zones of slip within deformed clay. Source: Supplementary materials from paper mentioned in text.

The Geomechanics Group has recently published two new papers in Geosphere:

In the first paper, Dr Michele Cooke and recent alums Kevin Toeneboehn and Dr Jennifer Hatch share the results of experiments using scaled physical models to examine slip-partitioned fault development along oblique convergent tectonic boundaries and why they are observed in these settings the world over.  Read the paper here.

In the second paper, alum Dr Jennifer Hatch, Dr Michele Cooke, alum Aviel Stern, and others model fault interaction, fault traction, and absolute stress along fault systems in the San Goronio Pass region of souther California (USA), and what areas may be near failure under certain conditions.  Read the paper here.