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Ben Keisling

M.S./Ph.D. student


Personal Page

Advisor: Dr. Julie Brigham-Grette

I'm a Master's/Ph.D. student at UMass. My current research concerns reconstructing Arctic paleoenvironment with a focus on climate change. Climatic changes are pronounced at high latitudes due to multiple local positive feedback processes (a phenomenon termed "arctic amplification"), so the Arctic is an ideal region for developing an understanding of our climate system's natural variability. However, the harsh environment and predominately marine landscape means Arctic climate records are scarce.

Recently, an international team including researchers at UMass collected a lake sediment core from Arctic Siberia containing a record of climate change that spans the last ~3.5 million years. The Lake El'gygytgyn core presents an unprecedented opportunity to generate a continuous, high-resolution record of Arctic environmental change. I hope to use numerical models and biogeochemical analyses to clarify the physical processes that underlie past climate change events and link them to the Greenland and Antarctic ice core records to explore their regional and global expression.

More information about my research interests, as well as my CV, can be found on my website.

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