Fall 2020 Front Office Staffing Functions and Information:

Office hours

Tuesday and Thursday – open office hours

  • 9 – 12  Treuvor Holowinsky (mail, package pick-up, general building tasks)
  • 2 – 5     Alina Valop (mail, shipping via DHL, FEDEX)

Alina and Treuvor will staff the office at the above hours. Treuvor will not always be in the office. Alina will be there 2-5 Tu and Th. If you have packages that need to be sent or general mail, please see Alina. Be sure to have a speed type for billing.

Monday and Friday (office not open)

  • 10 – 11  Treuvor Holowinsky. Treuvor will pick up UPS/FedEx packages at the physical plant.

Human Resources

Human Resources tasks and questions about post-docs, ad comp, IPO related issues for foreign students and post-docs, and personnel actions should be sent directly to Laura Wiles at: lwiles@cns.umass.edu


All travel questions concerning and documents for travel reimbursement should be sent to geotravel@umass.edu

Travel reimbursement requests should be accompanied information about the travel: who, when where; copies of receipts; funding source, including speedtype#.

Procard & Reimbursements

All Procard receipts and reallocations documents should be sent to: geoprocard@umass.edu

Again, reimbursement requests should be accompanied information about the expense: who, when where; copies of receipts; funding source, including Speedtype #.


Reimbursements for personal CC purchases (excluding travel), Buyways purchases and reallocations and requests for Purchase orders and PO questions should be directed to: geoacctg@umass.edu

The contact person for travel, Procard, Buyways, POs and other accounting issues is Jamie Cimino in the Dean’s office. Please use the above emails to contact her.

Hiring & Appointments

Graduate student appointments and hiring undergraduate assistants contact Jasmine Balk, our Business Manager ybalk@umass.edu .


Payroll for all hourly employees will continue to be handled by Jasmine Balk. We hope to move to self-reporting in the near future.

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