Selected Publications
Books and Monographs:
• Wilkie, Richard W. and Jack Tager (Editors), (1991) The Historical Atlas of Massachusetts, Amherst: University  of Massachusetts Press, 176 large format pages.

• Wilkie, Richard W. (1985 and 1990) Latin American Population and Urbanization Analysis: Maps and Statistics, 1950-1982, Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, (hardcover 1985) and (paperback 1990), 433 pages.

• Wilkie, R., Barry Lentnek, Gerald Karaska, Eric Belsky and H. Calkins(1985)  Rural-Urban Dynamics in Ecuador, Worcester, Clark University International Development Program, 184 pages.

• Wilkie, R., B. Lentnek and T. Carroll (1983) Urban Dimensions of Rural Development in Ecuador, Worcester: Clark University International Development Program, 145 pages.

• Wilkie, R. and A. K. Ludwig (1983) Central Place Systems in Guatemala, Worcester: Clark Univ. International Development Program, 18 pages.

• Wilkie, Richard and Jane Riblett Wilkie (1980), Migration and an Argentine Rural Community in Transition, Univ. of Mass: International Area Studies Program in Latin American Studies No.12, 33 pages.

• Wilkie, James, (with Richard Wilkie and John Marti) (1974), Measuring Land Reform: Case Studies of Venezuela and Bolivia, Supplement No. 5 to the Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 212 pages.

• Wilkie, R. (1968) Ph.D. Dissertation:  On the Theory of Process in Human Geography: A Case Study of Migration in Rural Argentina, Dept. of Geography, University of Washington. 

Articles, Chapters in Books and book reviews [in reverse order], including:
• Peters, James., David Damery and Richard Wilkie (2015) “Folk Housing Revisited,” Geographical Review, Vol. 105, 61-77.

• Wilkie, R. and G. Roberson (2012) “Attachment to Place,” in Stoltzman, J.(ed.) 21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 135-148.

• George Roberson and Richard Wilkie book review (2012) of Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds: Geography and the Humanities, edited by Stephen Daniels, Dydia DeLyser, J.Nicolas Entrikin and Douglas Richardson; in  Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 52, No.2, May, 390-392.

• Wilkie, R. and G. Roberson (2010) “Sense of Place,” in Stoltzman, J.(ed.) Encyclopedia of Geography. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

• Wilkie, R. (2007) “Time Realities and Memories of Place: The Volga-Deutsch in Argentina,”  Die Planning/A Terv.  Berlin and Budapest, No. 247, June 2007, 86-94.  [This publication was sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Secretariat for Futures Studies, Berlin, as part of the “Biopolar German-Hungarian Cultural Projects (Berlin and Budapest), and projected to read as though published in 2048.  It will be republished a second time in the year 2048. **View PDF article**

• Wilkie, R. (2006) " Dangerous Journeys: Mexico City College Students and the Mexican Landscape, 1954-1962 ," Chapter 9 in Bloom, Nicolas (Ed.), Adventures into Mexico : American Tourism beyond the Border , Rowman & Littlefield , New York, Toronto and Oxford, 88-115.   Republished at Mexico and the World, Volume 11, No.4 (Fall 2006) by PROFMEX (Consortium for Mexico Policy Research), in cooperation with UCLA Program on Mexico (University of California, Los Angeles.               ON LINE at: final.htm.

• Wilkie, R. (2003) "Conceptual Approaches to Sense of Place" CRIT55/place, Vol. 55 (Spring), pp. 29-31. **View PDF article**

• Wilkie, R., and S. Fitzgerald (1999) ”Population Change in South America ” Statistical Abstract of Latin America , Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Studies Publications, Vol. 35, 3-37.

• Wilkie, R.,”Boston,” a 6000 word article for MicroSoft’s ENCARTA 2000 Computer Encyclopedia, published Fall 1999.

• Wilkie, Richard and Colin Sears, (1998) “Paraguay,” with 236 entries in the Columbia Gazetteer of the World, Edited by Saul Cohen, New York City : Columbia University Press, 3 volumes.

• Wilkie, Richard and Colin Sears, (1998) “Uruguay,” with 361 entries in the Columbia Gazetteer of the World, Edited by Saul Cohen, New York City: Columbia University Press, 3 volumes.

• Wilkie, R., S. Fitzgerald and H. Barrett, (1997) ”Population Change in Northern Latin America” Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Studies Publications, Vol. 33, 1997, pages liii-lxxiv.

• Wilkie, R., and F. Lindsay (1995) ”Urbanization versus the Persistence of Small Places in Mexico, 1900-1990,” Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Studies Publications,  Vol. 31,1230-1245.

Authoring or co-authoring 15 chapters in the Historical Atlas of Massachusetts: Amherst: Univ. of Massachusetts Press, (1991) .

2 chapters as author:
· Ch.1: Overview, pp. 2-7 and
· Ch. 15: Communications, pp. 124-129

13 chapters as co-author:

· Ch.2: Native Settlements & European Contacts (10-15), with Jack Tager
· Ch.3: Puritan Commonwealth , 1620-1691 (16-19), with Jack Tager, Dena Dincauze, and Mitchell Mulholland
· Ch.4: Royal Colony, 1691-1765 (20-23), with Jack Tager
· Ch.5: Revolutionary and Federalist Ages, 1765-1815 (24-27), with Jack Tager
· Ch.6: Industrial Beginnings, 1815-1860 (28-33), with Jack Tager
· Ch.7: Industrialization & Urbanization, 1860-1900 (34-37), with Jack Tager
· Ch.8: Metropolitan Commonwealth , 1900-1950 (38-45), with Jack Tager & Larry Owens
· Ch.9: Postindustrial Commonwealth, 1950-1980s (46-56), with Jack Tager
· Ch.10: Political Organization (58-79), with Jerome Mileur, Jack Tager & Nicholas Chrisman
· Ch.12: Ethnicity and Race (90-97), with Joel Halpern
· Ch.13: Health and the Social Order (98-109), with Surinder Mehta and Jack Tager
· Ch.16: Transportation and Energy (130-135), with Barrie Greenbie, R. Black & Jack Tager and
· Chapter on Statistical Appendix (140-144), with Jack Tager and John Morin

• Wilkie, Richard, Thomas Carroll and Barry Lentnek (1984) “Exploration of Rural-Urban and Market Centres in Highland Ecuador,” Regional Development Dialogue, Vol. 5, No. 1, 22-73,

• Wilkie, Richard and Jane Wilkie (1979 and 1980) ”Environmental Perception and Migration Behavior in Rural Argentina,” in R.Thomas and J.Hunter (Eds.), Internal Migration Systems in the Developing World, Boston: G.K.Hall (1979 hardbound) and Cambridge: Schenkman (1980 paperback), pp. 135-151**View PDF chapter**.

• Wilkie, R. (1980) ”Migration and Population Imbalance in the Settlement Hierarchy of Argentina,” in David Preston (Ed.), Environment, Society & Rural Change in Latin America, NewYork: John Wiley 8 Sons, 157-184.

• Wilkie, R. (1980) "The Rural Population of Argentina to 1970," Ch.35 in Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles : UCLA Latin American Studies Publications, Vol. 20, 561-580.

• Wilkie, R. (1980) “Rural Transformation in Argentina: Problems and Strategies,” in Singh and Singh (eds.) Rural  Habitat Transformation in World Frontiers. Varnasi, India: National Geog. Society of India, 524-534.

• Wilkie, R. (1977) "Latin American Populations in the 1970s: Population Cartograms and Political Subdivisions," Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Studies Publications, Vol. 18, 1-26.

• Wilkie, R. (1977), book review of Design for Diversity: Planning for Natural Man in Neo-Technic Environment by Barrie Greenbie, Elsevier; in Landscape Planning, vol.4, 97-99.

• Wilkie, R. (1976) "Urban Growth and the Transformation of the Settlement Landscape of Mexico : 1910-1970,” in Contemporary Mexico : Papers of the IV International Congress of Mexican History ( Berkeley & Mexico D.F.: Univ. of California Press and El Colegio de Mexico, both English and Spanish editions, 99-134.

• Wilkie, R., L. Borras & Jane Wilkie (1976) " Yugoslavia : Seis Nacoes da Iogoslavia,” Revista de Geografia Universal, Mexico City, Vol. 1, No. 5 (Mayo) pp. 484-507.

• Wilkie, R., Caio de Freitas & Jane Wilkie (1975) " Yugoslavia : Seis Naciones en Una,” Revista de Geografia Universal Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Vol. 2, No. 5 (Fevereiro) pp. 108-126.

• Wilkie, R. (1974) “The Process Method Versus the Hypothesis Method: A Nonlinear Example of Peasant Spatial Perception and Behavior,” in Maurice Yeates (Ed.), Proceedings of the 1972 Meeting of the International Geographical Union Commission on Quantitative Geography, (Montreal & London: McGill University Press), 1-31.

• Wilkie, R. (1973), “Selectivity in Peasant Spatial Behavior: Regional Interaction in Entre Rios , Argentina ,” Proceedings of the New England --St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society, Vol.II,10-20.

• Wilkie, R. (1972) “Toward a Behavioral Model of Peasant Migration: An Argentine Case of Spatial Behavior by Social Class Level,” in Robert N. Thomas (Ed.), Population Dynamics of Latin America, (East Lansing, Michigan: Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers Publications), 83-114.

• Wilkie, R. (1968) “Village Level Process Studies: Changing Spatial Structures in Rural Argentina,” Conference Report on Political and Social Geography, ( New York : American Geographical Society), 12-14.

Map Series (10 total) and numerous Maps: including:

• Wilkie, R., Four Central America thematic maps: ”Land Use, Ethnic Distribution, Population Density,” and ”1945-Present: Upheaval and Uncertainty,” published as part of a Central America Map Supplement to the National Geographic, (1987), p. 466A, vol. 169, no.4 (April).

• Wilkie, R. and J. Montgomery, Two case studies on Argentina and Ecuador of 6 color maps and graphs in Daniel Vining, ”The Growth of Care Regions in the Third World,” Scientific American, v.252, no.4, April 1985, pp. 44-47.

• Wilkie, R. and John Marti (1974) ”Special Series of 25 Maps and Graphs on Land Reform in Latin America,” in James Wilkie, Measuring Land Reform: A Supplement to the Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Publications.

Classroom Workbooks:

• Wilkie, R. and K. Blackmer (1995), Map Skills Workbook for Geography: People & Places in a Changing World, New York: West Publishing, 100 pages.

• Millete, Thomas, Richard Wilkie and R. Herbert, Exploring the Images of Data: Computer Exercises & Data Sets for Exploring Imagery, Amherst: Five-Colleges, Inc., 1995, 160 pages.

Photographic Publications:

Visual place literacy through photography and film has been a major area of concentration for Wilkie’s work over the years—especially as they relate to “Sense of Place” and “Spirit of Place.” The geography of light and how the quality of light varies from place to place in the world—in different season, at different elevations, and at different latitudes globally is a major theme of his work, along with documenting individuals, families and communities in time and place within their cultural landscapes. 
He has published several thousand photographs in academic books, journals, text books, trade books (Time-Life, etc.), encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers, including such places as University Presses (Yale, Washington, Massachusetts) and newspapers-- New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Enquirer, Paris-Match, and many others.