UMass Geomechanics Research Team


Current resarch team


Laura Fattaruso
PhD candidate.
Work optimization analaysis of fault initation

white woman with glasses and lace shirt mixes a bucket of clay with a drill

Hanna Elston
MS 2020
Effect of strain rate on fault evolution
PhD candidate
Long term slip rate variability within strike-slip fault systems

white person standing in a soil pit (in semi-arid environment) qearing field clothes gives two thumbs up

Grasshopper Anderson-Merritt
PhD candidate
Evolution of slip events and topography within transpressional strike slip fault systems

Alana Gabriel
BS 2020 non-degree grad
Slip rate variability of releasing bends

Latina woman with hair tied back is settting up cameras around the experimental set up

Christ Ramos Sanchez
MS candidate
Topography and evolution of strike-slip faults

UMass Geomechanics Group guidelines

If you want to know more about how the UMass Geomechanics group operates, check out our research group guidelines at this link. This document makes clear our expectations of each other.

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