A SuperCard 2000.06.06 Version of The Dynamic Digital Map of
New England

Chris Condit ccondit@geo.umass.edu
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
Funded by
National Science Foundation - Grant # NSF-DUE-CCD-9455563- Condit
National Science Foundation - Grant # NSF-9653966-STEMTEC
University of Massachusetts Professional Development Grants 1996-98
Five Colleges Multimedia Access Project - Video Camera Purchase
Rotadyne (especially Dana Caron) - Massachusetts State Geologic Map Scans

The unabridged version of this Macintosh program contains, in four overlapping segments, both shaded topographic relief and geologic maps of the State of Massachusetts. It also presents several other maps which outline field trips to the geology of parts of the western regions of the state. Each field trip is made up of a base-map, with a route and points of interest plotted. A click on these "Points of Interest" on the map will open a "Field Trip Guide" explaining the geology at that point. The map also has icons, which give access to photos (many aerial), QuickTime movies and cartoons which point out features and explain the geology of the area. Because it enables the user to easily manipulate the display of maps and data, we term it a dynamic digital map or "DDM".

A click on the below items will give you a brief tour, of some of the features of this program, and its content:

  • DDM.NE Project Overview - Outline.
  • Menu Functions.
  • The Index Map Window (the Home Window).
  • The Map Window'.
  • The Image Windows.
  • Animation Windows.
  • ClickLists.
  • Tools (for the Map Window)
  • To obtain a System 8 compatible Demo Version of DDM.NE use the link below, or download it via anonymous FTP from: eclogite.geo.umass.edu(, in the directory /pub/ccondit.

    The files are compressed in a single "sea" or self-extracting-archive; because of the size, I included only sample of the images, maps and a movie. If you like what you see, get the Dept. Contrib. No. 72, which is a CD and pamphlet at a very nominal price.

    Link to a page with description of April 2000 release of the Department of Geosciences Contribution No. 72, a 46 page pamphlet and CD that includes three DDMs, the Dynamic Digital Map Template and DDM.Template Cookbook on how to make DDMs.

    Bug reports and suggestions to ccondit@geo.umass.edu
    Updated 2000.07.10

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