GEO 892P

Seminar in Planetary Geology
Instructor: Chris Condit/Laurie Brown

Spring 2022

This is a 1 credit seminar, and involves discussing a single journal paper each week. Majors in any science field are welcome, and no prior knowledge of planetary geology is

Meeting time is Wednesday at 1:15 to 2:30 virtually via Zoom at



Paper # 1 for February 2nd - Laurie and/or Chris
Paper # 2 for February 9th - Don Sluter
Paper # 3 for February 16th
- Laurie Brown
Paper # 4 for February 23rd- Charlie Weinstock
Paper # 5 for March 2nd- Kaitlyn Suarez
Paper # 6 for October 29th - Lyn Watts
Paper # 7 for November 5th - Eli Nauda
Paper # 8 for November 12th - Kaitlyn Suarez
Paper # 9 for November 19th - Chris and Laurie
Paper # 10 for December 3rd - John Fellows
Last Day of classes Wed Dec 8th

General Reference Papers:

The Geologic History of Mars  19 Pages
Overview of Lunar Geoscience  85 Pages
Taylor - Lunar Magma Ocean 7 Pages
Taylor - Moon Revisited 6 Pages
The Mons Rumker volcanic complex: A candidate for the Chang E-5 mission
Link to Caleb's Comments on the Mons Rumke paper