Welcome to Glacial Geology 563
From Left to Right: Liam Bean, Evan Earnest-Heckler, Brian Yellen, Joe Schmidt, CJ McCarthy, Adam Brown, Ari Popik, John Lawrence, Marissa Jenko, Kara Jacobacci, Jake Faucher. From Left to Right: Kane Bennett, Ryan Lambert, Suzanna Sullivan, Asif Dunga.

Class Information:
 Instructor: Julie B.G.               
                         Office: Room 247, Morrill 2
                         Phone: 413-545-4840
                         Email: Juliebg@geo.umass.edu
                        Office Hours:     Monday 1-3 PM
                                                Thursday 1:30-3 PM
                                                By Appointment Anytime!!
         Tu Th 9:30 - 10:45 AM
         Morrill 4N Room 161
         Spire# 33757
        Tuesdays 1:00 - 5:00 PM
         Morrill 4N Room 161
         Spire# 33758
         Or By Arrangements
 Required Text:
        Doug Benn & David Evans, 1998, Glaciers and Glaciation. Arnold Press. 734 pages.
         Price: ~$65. Available UMass Text Book Annex - Look for used ones. New edition will be
         out January 2010.
         David Evans & Doug Ben, 2004, A Practical Guide to the Study of Glacial Sediments,
         Arnold Press, 226 pages. (Supplemental Lab Material)
 Required Field Guide:
        Field Conference Guide Book, June 2-4, 2000 "New Drainage History for Glacial Lake
         Hitchcock", 63rd Annual Friends of the Pleistocene Meeting. UMass Department
         Publication No. 73, 125 pages. Brigham-Grette, J. Editor, 2000. Available from JBG for $10