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International Quaternary Webinar
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United States: Wednesdays, 9-10am.
Iceland: Wednesdays, 1-2pm.
UK: Wednesdays, 2-3pm.
Scandinavia: Wednesdays, 3-4pm.
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
Department of Geology, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Department of Geography, Southampton University

Schedule of Speakers, 2018

September 12th: Ray Bradley, University of Massachusetts
"Welcome to the Meghalayan Age!"
[Berkelhammer et al., 2012] [Kathayat et al., 2018] [Walker et al., 2012]

September 19th: Alia Lesnek, University at Buffalo
"Deglaciation of the North Pacific coast: Causes, consequences, and remaining questions"
[Carrera et al., 2007] [Lesnek et al., 2018] [Maier et al., 2018]

September 26th: Nick Scroxton, University of Massachusetts
"Southern hemisphere tropical rainfall: slave to the north, or marching to the beat of its own drum?"
[Mohtadi et al., 2016] [Yan et al., 2015]

October 3rd: Helen Habicht & Isla Castaneda, University of Massachusetts
"Climate of the last 800 ka in the terrestrial Arctic: Insights from multi-proxy investigations at Lake El'gygytgyn, Russia"
[Keisling et al., 2016] [Melles et al., 2012]

October 10th: Mark Furze, UNIS, Svalbard
"The stony muddy mess that glaciers make: what to call it and why it matters"
[Evans Chapter 2, 2018] [Evans Chapter 3, 2018] [Evans et al., 2006]

October 17th: Gifford Miller, University of Colorado
"The Dead Speak: Tracking the cryosphere's response to contemporary warming in Arctic Canada with entombed vegetation and in situ 14C in adjacent rocks"

October 24th Melissa Berke, University of Notre Dame
"High latitude vascular plant water-wax isotope fractionations and the importance for leaf wax paleoreconstructions"
[Daniels et al., 2017] [Bush et al., 2017]

Note: Daylight savings ends on October 28th in Norway & the U.K. [no change in Iceland] and November 4th in the U.S.

October 31st: Margit Hildegard Simon, University of Bergen
"Did climate and environment affect the early evolution and development of our species? A presentation of the newly established multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence: 'SapienCE'"
[Roberts et al., 2016] [Henshilwood et al., 2018] [Ziegler et al., 2013]

November 7th: Francois Lapointe, University of Massachusetts
"Deciphering climate signals through the use of arctic varved sediments"
[Lapointe et al., 2012] [Nordi et al., 2014]

November 14th: Tamara Pico, Harvard University
"In and out of the last North American ice age: Insights from sea-level change and river evolution"
[Pico et al., 2017] [Pico et al., 2018]

November 28th: Hans Petter Sejrup, University of Bergen
"Stability of the AMOC; some thoughts from the paleoside"
[Thornalley et al., 2018] [Caesar et al., 2018]

December 5th: Rob DeConto, University of Massachusetts
"Past and future tipping points for the Antarctic Ice Sheet"
[DeConto et al., 2016] [Kopp et al., 2017]

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