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International Quaternary Webinar
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United States: Wednesdays, 9-10am.
Iceland: Wednesdays, 1-2pm.
UK: Wednesdays, 2-3pm.
Scandinavia: Wednesdays, 3-4pm.
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
Department of Geology, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Department of Geography, Southampton University

Schedule of Speakers, 2017

September 13th: Ben Keisling, University of Massachusetts:
"New perspectives on the Pleistocene history of the Greenland Ice Sheet"

September 20th: Will Daniels, University of Massachusetts
"Alaska climate change since the LGM inferred from lacustrine leaf wax isotopes"
[Daniels et al., 2017]

September 27th: Nicolįs Young, Columbia University
"Early Holocene glaciation in Baffin Bay"
[Andrews and Ives, 1978] [Long et al., 2016]

October 4th: Wes Farnsworth and Olafur Ingolfsson, UNIS and University of Iceland
"Advances in deglaciation on Svalbard"
[Landvik et al., 2014]

October 11th: John Inge Svendsen, University of Bergen
"A unique lake record provides new insight into the Ice Age History of the Polar Urals, Arctic Russia"
[Henriksen et al., 2008] [Svendsen et al., 2016]

October 18th: Basile de Fleurian, University of Bergen
"Subglacial hydrology influence on ice dynamics: insight from modeling and what landforms can teach us?"
[Kehew et al., 2012] [Sole et al., 2013]

October 25th Stephen Burns, University of Massachusettes
"Do Mini-Younger Dryas events accompany Heinrich events? If so, what might this imply for proposed Heinrich mechanisms?"
[Kanner et al., 2012] [Bassis et al., 2017]

November 1st: [NOTE: 10-11am in USA only] Greg de Wet, University of Colorado (with input from Nicholas Balascio, William & Mary College, Wiliam D'Andrea, Columbia University, Jostein Bakke, University of Bergen, Raymond Bradley, University of Massachusetts and Bianca Perren, British Antarctic Survey)
"Holocene glacier activity reconstructed from proglacial lake Gjųavatnet on Amsterdamųya, NW Svalbard"
[Werner et al., 2013] [Bakke et al., in press]

November 8th: Lonnie Thompson, The Ohio State University
"Past, Present and Future of Glacier Archives from the World's Highest Mountains"
[Thompson., in press] [Thompson et al., 2017] [Thompson et al., supporting information]

November 15th: Anne-Katrine Faber, University of Bergen
"Greenland ice core records: The role of atmospheric circulation, sea ice and ice sheet topography"
[Faber et al., 2017] [Dahl-Jensen et al., 2013]

November 29th: Øyvind Paasche, University of Bergen
"Climate Shifts in Arctic Norway Inferred from Past Glacier Variability"
[Mackintosh et al., 2017]

December 6th: Mary Edwards and Charlotte Clarke, Southampton University
"An ancient DNA record of 25,000 years of arctic plant-community dynamics"
[Greve Alsos et al., 2016] [Valentini et al., 2009]

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