Kilimanjaro Ice Core Records: Evidence of Holocene Climate Change in Tropical Africa
Figure 1 from Thompson et al., Science Magazine, v. 298 (18 October 2002))

The outlines of ice extent in 1912, 1953, 1976, and 1989 are shown updated to 2000 using the Ohio State University aerial photographs taken 16 February 2000. The inset illustrates the nearly linear decrease in ice area from 1912 to 2000.

For further information read the paper referenced above, and:
  Hastenrath, S. and L. Greischar, 1997: Glacier recession on Kilimanjaro, East Africa, 1912 - 89.
  Journal of Glaciology, v. 43, p. 455-459.

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Fig. 1 from Thompson et al., 2002 (Science Mag.)