The Kilimanjaro weather station (5,794m) is shown below, at the time of installation (Feb. 2000). Ventilated temperature and humidity sensors [Rotronic MP101A] are housed in white radiation shields visible on the right. Sonic ranging sensors [Campbell Scientific SR50] for snow/ice accumulation and ablation measurement are at the same height, on either side of the tower. At the very top is the wind sensor [RM Young 05103], and below that on the left is a radiometer [Eppley 8-48]. Within the enclosure are 2 barometric pressure transducers [Setra 270]. Since February 2000 we have added ARGOS telemetry, an albedometer [Kipp & Zonen CM14], pyrgeometer [Kipp & Zonen CG1], and IR thermometer [AlpuG SnoSurf].

The glacier surface in February 2000 was hard ice.

Tanzanian flag

Kibo AWS

Another view in February 2000, with Uhuru Peak in background: Kibo AWS, Feb. 2000