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Illimani Images

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17 June 1999

The Illimani station on 17 June, 1999.

Image courtesy of Mountain Guide Carlos Escobar.

AWS 17 June 1999

Illimani AWS detail, 17 June 1999

Net accumulation at this site in the 12 months preceeding was ~250 cm (snow, not SWE). Courtesy of Carlos Escobar.

climbing Illimani a

Approaching the saddle at 6000m, May 1998

Mountain Guide Carlos Escobar in the lead.

climbing Illimani b

Same as above

Scientists gasping for air

Illimani from La Paz

Illimani from downtown La Paz

driving to Illimani

Driving to Illimani, May 1998

Despite the proximity to La Paz, the drive requires half a day

Illimani base camp

Illimani base camp, May 1998

A very pastoral setting, with llamas, cattle, pigs, sheep and other climbers

Nido de Condors

Nido de Condors

This is typically the 'high camp' for the standard route up the mountain

climbing Illimani 1997

Climbing Illimani, July 1997

Crevasses are often unavoidable, but fortunately the snow bridges seem quite strong

Illimani summit camp

Camp near the Illimani weather station

We just rolled out of bed and went to work...

Illimani AWS

Illimani weather station, July 1997

Illimani stamp

Illimani and La Paz

Bolivian stamp issued in 1997

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