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Bolivia Images

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Huayna Potosi

Along the road to Huayna Potosi

This cemetary 'serviced' a large mine, now inactive.

Carsten on the Zongo Glacier

Zongo Glacier terminus

This is one of the glaciers on which ORSTOM Bolivia has a long history of mass balance measurements.

Chacaltaya ski lift

The lift house at Chacaltaya

Due to a prolonged period of negative mass balance, the ski area closed in 1997.

La Paz

Downtown La Paz, June 1997.

Looking East toward Illimani from the top of the Plaza Hotel (no, we did not stay there -- but their breakfast is a feast!).

Football vs. Peru

Soccer game in La Paz, Bolivia vs. Peru

Bolivia won!

Football fan

Fan of the Bolivian team

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