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SAJAMA Weather Station configuration

Location: 1806' S; 6853' W at 6,515 m (21,376 ft)

A comprehensive discussion of this station's design and configuration has been published, and is available on-line from the American Meteorological Society:

Hardy, D.R., M. Vuille, C. Braun, F. Keimig, and R.S. Bradley, 1998: Annual and daily meteorological cycles at high altitude on a tropical mountain. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, v. 79, p. 1899-1913.

This weather station is designed and equipped for year-around data collection at the summit of this Andean volcano. It was installed 1 October 1996 on the summit of Sajama by a team from the Climatology Lab (D. Hardy, C. Braun and M. Vuille), with assistance from B. Francou and ORSTOM, as well as from Carlos Escobar and his agency 'Nuevos Horizontes'. All measurements are stored in digital form on-site in two independent locations, and transmitted to the University of Massachusetts via GOES satellite. The station was serviced and upgraded in June/July of 1997, and in April/May of 1998.

Data acquisition, storage and transmission


Instrument enclosure/mounting


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