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Mt. Kilimanjaro


February 2000 to present

Hazen Plateau

Hazen Plateau, Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

May 1999 to present

Sawtooth Range

Sawtooth Range, Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

May 1998 to present


Nevado Illimani, Bolivia

     (Cordillera Real)

July 1997 to present


Nevado Sajama, Bolivia

     (Western Andes)

October 1996 to October 2000

Windy Dome

Windy Dome, Franz Josef Land

     (Russian Arctic)

April 1997 to present(?)

Muirhead (Lake Tuborg Upper)

Mt. Muirhead (Lake Tuborg Upper), Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

1995 (seasonal)

Lake Tuborg

Lake Tuborg, Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

1995 (seasonal)

Sophia Lake Upper

Sophia Lake upper watershed, Cornwallis Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

May 1994 to May 1995

Sophia Lake

Sophia Lake, Cornwallis Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

1994 (seasonal)


Echo Peak (Lake C2), Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

1991 & 1992 (seasonal)


Lake C2 delta, Ellesmere Island

     (Canadian Arctic)

1990 to 1992 (seasonal)

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