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11. Data access

The following list indicates the weather data which are currently available. Selecting any of the files will display them on your screen. You can then use the "Save as" command of your browser to save the file to your local disc. The data are in comma-delineated ASCII format and can be directly imported to the common spreadsheet programs. Be sure to include the first file listed, along with any others you desire. Users are also advised to refer to, and acquire, the documentation for these data (Weather Station ECHO index page).

The first column of data in all hourly files indicates the Day of the Year, and time expressed as a decimal (e.g. 1 minute = 1/1440 day = 0.000694 day).

Note that in all files the 1992 data follows the time column, followed by 1991 data. This was done to reduce file sizes, because 1992 was the most comprehensive year of measurements.

Weather Station ECHO index page

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