Taconite Inlet Project

Weather station DELTA on June 3, 1992. (1000 h)

Lake C2 visible in the background.


During each field season, weather stations were operated on the Lake C2 delta (DELTA) and at the median watershed elevation, on Echo Peak (ECHO).

The climatic context of the weather data collected, and the application of these data to the Project objectives, are described in several publications. Detailed documentation, graphs and the data are available for both stations, from this index page.

Additional documentation for weather station DELTA:

  1. Objective
  2. Site description & images
  3. Equipment / calibration & images
  4. Data aquisition / procedures
  5. Observations (field notes)
  6. Data description / availability
  7. Data manipulation / adjustments (quality control)
  8. Notes (errors and known problems)
  9. References
  10. Time plots of weather data
  11. Data access

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