Taconite Inlet Project


Research was supported by a U.S. National Science Foundation grant to the University of Massachusetts (Grant DPP-8922082). Logistical support was provided by the Canadian Department of Energy, Mines and Resources (Polar Continental Shelf Project [PCSP]). We especially thank the employees of PCSP in Resolute, and the pilots of Ken Borek Air, for assistance which was frequently above and beyond the call of duty. In addition, we thank M. Jeffries for unpublished data, and the following for field assistance during the course of this project: J. Child, P. Friedman, M. Glos, J. P. Hardy, S. O'Brien and R.J. Wolfe.

DRH also aknowledges support from the following, all of which was vital to the success of the project: the Geological Society of America, for a Research Grant and a Robert K. Fahnestock Memorial Research Award; Sigma Xi for a Grant-in-Aid of Research; the Five College Canadian Studies Program; and the University of Massachusetts Department of Geology and Geography, for a Gloria Radke Memorial Award.

We would also like to thank those involved with field equipment support. W.D. McCoy loaned numerous items; B. McArthur of Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada and D. Beaubien of Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc. both lent meteorological instruments. J. Terrell and A. Kudrikow at Univ. of Massachusetts cheerfully responded to requests for the fabrication of unusual items and parts. N. Pietraszkiewicz calmly and deftly handled countless purchase orders, often on rather short notice. These efforts are all greatly appreciated.

Lastly, as Director of the Climate Lab, Frank Keimig has been invaluable. All of us involved have benefitted from Frank's expertise and patience with both hardware and software, his humor, and his ability to solve multiple problems simultaneously.

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