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A workshop for the analog modeling community.


Simulating tectonic processes since 1815.

Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes
May 13-15 Amherst, Massachusetts

At last year’s NSF sponsored workshop on analog modeling of tectonic processes, our community saw value in having lab visits where we can cross-cultivate approaches/ideas and build collaborations. For students these visits provide excellent opportunities to grow their professional networks as well as expand their repertoire of expertise.

I’m happy to report we have support from the National Science Foundation to cover the travel of four students (undergraduate or graduate) to analog modeling labs within the US. Travel is restricted to within the US and must be complete by the end of February 2017.

We anticipate 4 travel awards of ~$600 each.

To help develop collaboration plans, we have listed of some active research labs within the US. Travel is not limited to this listing.


Applications will be considered in the order that they are received.