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A workshop for the analog modeling community.


Simulating tectonic processes since 1815.

Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes
May 13-15 Amherst, Massachusetts

Application for workshop participation

Anyone engaged in or interested in analog modeling may apply for the workshop.

Financial support for travel, housing and meals is limited to 30 US-based participants.  Preference for support (partial or full) will be given to:

Application information

If you wish to submit both a research abstract and teaching activity, enter both within the text box. You will hear from us in early April about the support available for your travel. At that time we will ask for a final version of abstrac, description etc.

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How to submit curriculum materials to SERC

The Science Education Research Center (SERC) at Carleton College maintains a databse of curriculum materials in geosciences. Analog modeling activites will probably fall under one of several On the Cutting Edge collections. Choose

Chose which collection best suits your activity. The searchable dsatabse accesses all collections. An example search of the SERC database for "analog modeling tectonics" can give you a sense of the variety of activities. The SERC database already has some wonderful curriculum materials but we know that many more activities are successfully being used to engage students learning tectonic processes. We ask that workshop particpants who submit a teaching activity to the database before the workshop give short demonstrations/presentations on their activity at the workshop.