Research into the development of the Proterozoic North-American continent has been a long standing interest of Dr. Mike Williams. Current research projects in this region include participation in Continental Dynamics project (CD-ROM), the Proterozoic tectonic history of the Tusas Mountains (northern New Mexico), dynamics of the Proterozoic middle and deep crust, and making contributions to the general understanding of the tectonic history of the region.

Current Student Research Projects:
Greg Dumond

Yavapai-Mazatzal Crustal Boundary Exposed in the Grand Canyon and northern New Mexico / Southern Colorado


Former Student Research Projects:
Joe Kopera  Tectonic History of ~1.7 Ga quartzite-rhyolite sequences in the Southwestern United States
Peter Davis Structure, Petrology, and In-situ Geochronology of Middle Proterozoic Deformations in Northern New Mexico
Liane Stevens Petrology and Microstructure of Lower Crustal Xenoliths Across the Cheyenne Belt, Colorado & Wyoming



View from atop Kiowa Mountain in
the Tusas Range.
View looking east across the San Luis Basin to the Cimarron, Picuris, and Truchas Ranges of northern New Mexico. These Precambrian cored uplifts record the assembly of the North American Continent during ~1.8-1.4 Ga.


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