• 231 Geological Field Methods (2nd sem)
    With outdoor lab. Understanding and interpreting topographic and geologic maps; using the Brunton compass and other surveying equipment; making reconnaissance maps; applications to environmental problems; describing rock units; measuring and correlating stratigraphic sections; compiling and producing bedrock maps. Prerequisites: either GEO 101 or 103 or 105 and GEO 131.
  • 531 Tectonics (alt 2nd sem)
    Past and present mechanisms of global tectonics, including mountain building, ocean-basin structure, continental drift, mantle processes, continental evolution, structural geology and petrology of Earth's crust, and the tectonic history of selected key regions of the globe. Prerequisites: Geo 321, 431. Credit, 4.
  • 331 / 539 Advanced Geological Mapping (1st sem)
    Complete series of operations required for publication of a geological map: field location and drawing of contacts, collection and interpretation of field notes, data reduction, drafting, and methods of reproduction. Two afternoons per week in the field. Prerequisites: Geo 321, 431 or equivalent training.
  • 631 Brittle Fracture Analysis
    Study of faults, dikes, joints, veins, solution surfaces, and other fractures using field, analytical, and numerical techniques. Principles of rock fracture mechanics used to analyze these features. Applications of fracture analysis include: contribution of fractures to the flow of fluids in the upper crust, evaluation of rock excavation stability, and assessment of seismic hazards associated with active faults. Prerequisite: Geo 431 or equivalent. Credit, 4.
  • 633 Structural Geology of Metamorphic Rocks (alt 1st sem)
    Detailed structural analysis of deformed rocks with emphasis on interpretation of structural features in the field. Graphical and digital analysis of structural data. Class meets one full day per week in the field. One or two key research areas in western New England investigated. Prerequisite: Geo 431 or equivalent. Credit, 4.
  • 673 Earth Physics (alt 2nd sem)
    Introduction to physics of the earth as determined from seismological, heat flow, gravity, and paleomagnetic data and their relationship to observed geological phenomena. Prerequisites: Geo 571 and consent of instructor
  • 731 Strain and Fabric Analysis (alt 2nd sem)
    Strain measurement and analysis in the field and in the laboratory. Deformation mechanisms of minerals and rocks. Interpretation of macroscopic and microscopic fabric elements. Timing of deformation, recovery, alteration, and metamorphism. Prerequisites: Geo 431 and calculus. Credit, 4.
  • 735 Seminar in Northern Appalachian Geology (both sem)
    Stratigraphy, structure, petrology, and geophysics of Northern Appalachians and current research being conducted in the region. Prerequisite: Geo 431 or equivalent. Credit, 1-3.
  • 831 Structural Geology Seminar
    Review and discussion of current literature in the fields of structural geology and tectonics. Prerequisite: at least one graduate course in structural geology. Credit, 1-3.
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