Outreach with schools for the Deaf


Geologists signing 'Earth' in Utah 2005

The UMass research team:

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. Michele L. Cooke (second from right)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Mario Del Castello (third from left)
  • Research Assistant: Scott T. Marshall (rightmost)
  • Research Assistant: J. Ryan Shackleton (not pictured)
  • Research Assistant: Laura Dair (not pictured)


Educators of the Deaf:

  • Model Secondary School for the Deaf: Mary Ellsworth and Kamilla Joskowiak
  • Gaulladet University: Dr. Henry David Snyder
  • Indiana School for the Deaf: Theresa Huckleberry
  • Iowa School for the Deaf: Michael George
  • University High School, Irvine: Chris Gonzales
  • North Carolina School for the Deaf: Janna Lollis

Fabulous People

Career-Efficacy Assessment: Dr. Patricia Jepson, University of Connecticut
2005 Field Trip Organizer:Valentina Gallaso, field trip organization (third from right in picture above
2006 Field Trip Organizer: Elle Graham
2008 Field Trip Organizer: Erin Dominov
Teaching Impact Assessment: Will Snyder, Sara Schupack and Dr. Allan Feldman, University of Massachusetts

Field Trip Leaders