Faults in the Field

The Moab Fault near the entrance to Arches National Park (courtsey of Jim Evans)

A field trip to active and ancient faults in Utah for SOAR-high students and their teachers

May 26- May 31, 2005

Utah Geologic Map Trip Leaders:

Trip Assistants:

  • Dr. Mario Del Castello, University of Massachusetts
  • Scotty Salamoff, MS candidate Colorado State University
  • Scott Marshall, PhD candidate UMass

Goals of the trip:

For students and teachers to apply techniques and understanding gained from sandbox observations to real-live full-scale geologic faults in the field. We anticipate that this will be the first geologic field experience for many students and teachers. We will emphasize 1) how geologists document fault features and 2) how analog experiments and field observations work together to enhance our geologic understanding.

Learning objectives:

Students observed, sketched and measured active and ancient faults within a variety of rock types. On the last day groups of 4 students put together (with help from geologists) presentations on 5 different aspects of faulting.

Presentation topics and links to powerpoint presentations

Challenge question for all groups: Where in the Moab area would you drill for hydrocarbons? Why?

Faults in the Field travelogue

Written and photographed by students this travelogue chronicles each days activites.


UMass news article about the trip