Sandbox parts

Several parts can be purchased from McMaster-Carr

Experimental Equipment


Colored Sand art supply e.g
Wood (MDO recommended) hardware store
Fine play sand hardware store
3M Duct Tape or Superglue  hardware store
talcum powder  pharmacy
Glass cleaner (e.g. Windex) grocery or hardware store
Water repellant for glass (e.g. Rainex) automotive or hardware store
1 1/4" Philips screws hardware store
These should be used to secure the wall mount supports and the lead screw collars
Duct Tape hardware store
screwdriver to remove metal plates hardware store
Rulers (metal is convenient) office supply store
Protractors   office suppley store
Exacto knife hardware store
In order to cut the rubber sheeting – this is where the metal rulers come in handy. You can use scissors but they don't make even cuts.
flat trowel hardware store
For spreading the sand into flat even layers
flashlight hardware store
provides low-angle light to facilitate observing the extensional faults

Reccomended but not essential

Latex gloves <-- needed if using super glue hardware store
Disposable Masks  hardware store
Digital camera: photographic supply store
Tripod for camera photograhic supply store
When you assemble a movie from the still images having each image taken from exactly the same spot makes the movie smoother.
Photo manipulation software e.g. Adobe Photoshop
Lab coats scientific supply
Your clothes stay clean and you can look professional
Sieve scientific supply
Shaking the colored sand through a sieve (same size as average sand grain) helps make even layers of colored sand next to the window.
Mylar art supply
Slippery mylar along the bottom of compression experiments 'decouples' the sand from the base of the sandbox. This is one variation of boundary conditions that your students can explore.
large sheets of sandpaper hardware store
The high friction of sandpaper placed underneath the sand can cause higher ratios of wedge height:length than the regular sandbox base.