Sandbox Models of
Fault Systems

Background Documents

The Ups and Downs of the Earth's Crust , Mario Del Castello (pdf file 12 MB)

Erosion and Mountain Building: The Growth of Lazy Mountains, Mario Del Castello, (PDF 2.6 MB)

Helpful powerpoint files

Why do faults matter? (ppt file 15 MB)

Seismic Hazard (ppt file 1.9 MB)

Contraction (ppt file 3.9 MB)

Extension (ppt file 720 kB)

A primer for recognizing different types of faults, Mary Ellsworth

Powerpoint files with images of faults (and fractures), joints and folds. (each file is about 7 MB)

How to build and run a deformational sandbox

Analog model set up and sandbox design , Mario del Castello and John Sweeney (pdf file 1.5 MB) includes:

  • Introduction and explanation of setup
  • Dimensioned drawings for wooden parts
  • Oblique sketch of assembly

Photos of completed sandbox including close up shots

Materials List

Sandbox Activities for experiment observations, measurements and analysis, Michele Cooke and Mario Del Castello (pdf 8.9 MB)

Annotated video of extensional experiment at UMass (Feb 2005) (33.3 MB)

Sandbox Experiments run by Mary Ellsworth and Janna Lollis at NCSD (Nov. 2004)

Indiana's Sandbox device (Feb 2005)

MSAD students building the sandbox

Indiana contraction experiments <-- Beautiful folds and faults

MSSD experiments

Modeling Apparatus and Experimental Setup

Models underlain by a sliding rigid plate

 Models underlain by a rubber sheet

video of model set-up
43.7 MB