UMass-Amherst Structure and Tectonics Research Group

Spring 2011 Structure Seminar

Friday – 2:00, room TBA

January 28

Terry Engelder, Gary Lash, Resescal Uzcátegui, 2009, Joint sets that enhance production from Middle and Upper Devonian gas shales of the Appalachian Basin. AAPG Bulletin, v.93, p.857-889.

FOR MORE BACKGROUND: William Bosworth, 1984, Foreland deformation in the Appalachian Plateau, central New York: the role of small-scale detachment structures in regional overthrusting. Journal of Structural Geology, v.6, p.73-81.
ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: Richard  Nickelsen, 1986, Clavage duplexes in the Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian foreland. Journal of Structural Geology, v.8, p.361-371.

February 4

Brian Wernicke, In-press, The California River and its role in carving the Grand Canyon. GSA Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B30274.1

February 11

Sean Regan

Van Wijk, J.D., Baldridge, W.S., van Hunen, J., Goes, S., Aster, R., Colbentz, D.D., Grand, S.P., and Ni, J., 2010, Small-scale convection at the edge of the Colorado Plateau: Implications for topography, magmatism, and evolution of Proterozoic lithosphere. Geology, v.38, p.611-614.

February 18

Brantut, N., Han, R., Shimamoto, T., Findling, N., Schubnel, A., 2011, Fast slip with inhibited temperature rise due to mineral dehydration: evidence from experiments in gypsum. Geology, v.39, p.59-62.

February 25


Tikoff, B., Larson, C.E., Newman, J., Little, T., 2010, Field-based constraints on finite strain and rheology of the lithospheric mantle, Twin Sisters, Washington. Lithosphere, v.2, p.418-422.

March 4


Holdsworth, R.E., van Diggelen, E.W.E., Spiers, C.J., de Bresser, J.H.P., Walker, R.J., Bowen, L., 2010, Fault rocks from the SAFOD core samples: Implications for weakening at shallow depths along the San Andreas Fault, California. Journal of Structural Geology, v.33, p.132-144

March 11

March 18

NE/NC Regional Geological Society of America meeting - Pittsburgh

March 25

April 1


Lijun Liu and Michael Gurnis, 2010, Dynamic subsidence and uplift of the Colorado Plateau. Geology, v.38, p.663-666.

April 8


Brogi, 2011, Variation in fracture patterns in damage zones related to strike-slip faults interfering with pre-existing fractures in sandstone (Calcione area, southern Tuscany, Italy). Journal of Structural Geology, v.33, p.644-661.

April 15

Lloyd, G.E., Butler, R.W.H., Casey, M., Mainprice, D., 2009, Mica, deformation fabrics and the seismic properties of the continental crust. EPSL, v.288, p.320-328.

April 29

Platt, J.P. and Behr, W.M., 2011, Lithospheric shear zones as constant stress experiments. Geology, v.39, p.127-130.