Analog and Numerical Modeling of Fault System Evolution

Mario Del Castello and Michele Cooke

Fracture Termination at Stratigraphic Horizons

Faults and Fractures Associated with Three-Dimensional Folding

Ryan Shackleton and Michele Cooke

Southern California - Three-dimensional Modeling of Active Fault Interaction

Scott Marshall, Laura Dair and Michele Cooke

Southwestern United States - Precambrian geology and crustal evolution

Nancy Price, Greg Dumond and Mike Williams

Canadian Shield - Exhumation of the lower crust

Greg Dumond and Mike Williams

Northern Appalachians - Crenulation Cleavage Development and Strain Partitioning

EMP Monazite geochronology - Timing deformation and metamorphism

Mike Jercinovic and Mike Williams

Fracturing within the Utopia Planitia, Mars

Fariha Islam, George McGill and Michele Cooke





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